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Nicolandia Radio Broadcast
November 13th, 2009

Idea behind Nicolandia

The Buggles' "The Age of Plastic" was released by Island Records in 1980. This album went not only to consciousness of new wave and synthpop fans, but also to a wide audience. The cause of all that confusion was a track "Video Killed the Radio Star" heralding the beginning of a new epoch in the music world. Instrumental, vocal, compositional and arranging abilities weren't enough to be successful. Not only musical, but also visual setting has been important since then. Some bands started to gloss over ability defects with well-produced videoclips, which were frequently broadcasted on MTV and other music channels. There were more and more "good-looking" people in the small screen, however composers and lyric authors were hidden behind the scenes. The most spectacular effect of such a conduct was withdrawing, awarded in 1990, Grammy Prize for "Best New Artist" from Milli Vanilli. It turned out that two presentable looking models and dancers - Fabrice Morvan and Robert Pilatus - only imitated singing and curtsied rhythmically, however someone else sang the song. Milli Vanilli sold about 41 million albums and singles in total, but their musical career finished with a great embarrassment. Milli Vanilli, imposed by infamy, on the one hand, was a great deception-product, on the other hand - an example of producing artistry by Franz Reuther, better known as Frank Farian. And yet he made an unforgivable mistake, hiding the real singers and exposing two figureheads to the fore, who could turn out to be useful as live dancers. Charles Shaw, Johnny Davis and Brad Howell, unknown to the wide audience, didn't receive a well-deserved prize, and The Recording Academy awarding the Grammys was double-crossed. Farian jeopardized not only his reputation, but also respect Clive Davis (Arista Records founder) enjoyed in the music world. And he could be as valued and respected as Michael Cretu...

...but this is radio - here artist's appearance doesn't matter at all...
...Nicolandia, for the sake of its eclectic format, will try to convince listeners that the most important elements of music are emotions within and artistic values, not genre, artist's origin, release date or financial expenditure on promotion. Nicolandia will try to prove that various genres and musical styles, like people of different personal features and descent, can coexistence side by side...

Promoted genres and styles: 80s Music, AOR, Anthem Rock, Arena Rock, Art Rock, Asian Rock/Metal, Blues Rock, CCM, Christian Rock/Metal, Classic Metal, Comedy Rock/Metal, Demoscene, Easy-listening, Electro-Pop, Electronic Metal, Electronica, Eurodance, Jazz Fusion, Glam Metal, Gothic Rock/Metal Guitar-oriented Rock/Metal, Hair Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Instrumental Rock/Metal, Italo Disco, Jazz, Latin-American Rock/Metal, Lounge, Melodic Rock/Metal, Music in Native Languages, Musical, Neo-Classical Rock/Metal, Neue Deutsche Welle, New Age, New Romantic, New Wave, Orchestral Rock/Metal, Pomp Rock, Pop, Pop Rock/Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Rock/Metal, R&B, Rock/Metal Opera, Shredding Metal, Sleaze Rock, Soft Rock/Metal, Soundtracks, Soviet/Russian Rock/Metal, Space Rock, Spacesynth, Stadium Rock, Symphonic Rock/Metal, Synth Pop, Technical Metal, Traditional Metal, Virtuosic Rock/Metal, Visual Kei, West Coast.

...Nicolandia on Radio Aktywne on every Tuesday at 05:00 PM Central European Time...

You can listen to Nicolandia in your country. Just go to Radio Aktywne, then click Play flash button on the left and enjoy listening (please check your local time in order to listen to Nicolandia in the real time).

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Who is Nicolo? 09 Nov 13

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