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Who is Nicolo?
November 13th, 2009
I was born in the middle of the golden 80s and that's why I am numbered among musical geeks of that era. In my very early years, I started to take notice to surrounding tones. Even though I didn't realize who performed a given composition, all this playing with picking out tones appealed to me. Then, I wasn't aware of the fact that music was my very first and greatest love (there appeared even two lovers - science and books). The perpetrator of this misalliance was my father who, insidiously, infected me with this passion (musical disease was diagnosed and it is lasting until now).

With time, I started to administer myself a greater musical dose, but, fortunately, I haven't overdosed it yet. At that moment, listening to music wasn't enough for me. I wished to share my passion for music with other people.

I started my music adventure in a specialty HMP Magazine as a reviewer, interviewer and translator. After experiencing the journalist trainig ground, I took up the post of HMP Magazine's official website owner. I also started to publish reviews in English in my column Department of Virtuosity. Now, I am a freelance music journalist cooperating with artists, bands, labels and media... and enjoying the total independence.

After affirming (by specialists) typically anti-radio voice and vestigial quantity of musical knowledge, I was forced to attain perfection in the art of making use of connections. In such a way (due to favoritism), I was admitted to Radio Aktywne. Looking up to my inflated ego, I couldn't refrain from calling my radio broadcast... Nicolandia.

Aside from music, I have many bourgeoisie interests: Internet (web promotion, information retrieval, information science), law (copyright law and related laws), economic issues, history of music, phonographic industry, books, classic movies and swimming.

Day in day out, I go in for a musical archeology and thanks to it I am able to discover new gems and return with my memoirs back to the baby period. Nappy times passed by long ago, but I do know that music is the incessant soundtrack of my life. Nicolandia Radio Broadcast is aimed at the people with brains equipped with a fast-start-think function.

I hope this Nicolography was received with a pinch of salt and nobody read it literally:)

Good day!

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Who is Nicolo? 09 Nov 13

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