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Derdian is a legendary fortress, but also an Italian band founded in the year 1998. They started as thrash metal cover group, but then turned to contemporary power metal. Their first releases were two demos, however the official full-length album „New Era Pt. 1“ was published only in 2005. The band became popular between melodic metal fans, especially in Asia and the USA, and this fact helped them sign a deal with an American record label Magna Carta. Being in a new record company, Derdian released his second album „New Era Pt. 2 - War of the Gods“ and the newest one - „New Era Pt. 3 - The Apocalypse“.

The third part of „New Era“ series were recorded by the following sextet: Joe Caggianelli (vocals, choirs), Enrico Pistolese (guitars, backing vocals), Marco Garau (keyboards), Dario Radaelli (guitars), Marco Banfi (bass guitar; Darksky, Cyclops) and Salvatore Giordano (drums). All female vocals, female choirs and flute parts were performed by the guest artist - Lisy Stefanoni (Evenoire).

Derdian play symphonic progressive power metal with neoclassical influences, and their lyrics tell about an epic history of a mythical land, wars between gods and men, battle and conquest and so forth. They are very typical of contemporary power metal. This release is full of high vocal parts, orchestrations, lofty and majestic atmosphere, harpsichord-like keyboard passages, operatic female voice, choral parts and fast tempos. Derdian’s music is epic as well as vocally and instrumentally complex. I can sincerely recommend this album to the fans of cinematic metal grounded on melodic parts and ubiquitous pathos. If you like the music of Morifade, Dark Moor, Holy Knight, Angra, Luca Turilli, Zonata, Reptilian, Majestic, Time Requiem and Opus Atlantica, „New Era Pt. 3 - The Apocalypse“ should meet your expectations.

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