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Roo is an artistic pseudonym of Romain Chapus - a French instrumentalist who moved to Finland. He is a graduate of Music Academy International (formerly known as C.M.C.N., France). The debut solo EP was recorded by the duo: Roo (guitars, bass guitar, keyboard programming; X’Indies, Codeon) and Toni Paananen (drums; To/Die/For, Malpractice, Reversion).

Roo’s music is very cheerful and joyful, that’s why I dare to call it comedy guitar music that is based on surprising tricks and melodic passages. His musical work is not monotonous, but instrumentally diverse. He is one of the most versatile guitarists I have ever heard, since he is able to play funk, country, rock, acoustic, metal, shredding and whatever he wants. His guitar sound resembles the likes of Jason Becker, Michael Lee Firkins and Ron 'Bumblefoot’ Thal, so fans of this three should enjoy Roo’s playing as well.

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