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Amit Riff is an Israeli guitarist who composed his debut solo album for ten years. „Riffeel“ was recorded by the quartet: Amit Riff (guitars, keys, drums arrangement), Guy Tuval (bass guitar), Yaron Landesberg and Nadav Bandersky (drums arrangement).

Riffeel“ includes an atmospheric instrumental rock music without any frenzies. Slow and mid-tempos predominate on the album, that’s why listeners can have the impression that Amit’s music is melancholic and sleepy here and there. Gentle tones produced by his guitar act like a musical balm. He is not a faster-than-the-speed-of-light type of guitarist. His music is based on melody backed by moderate high-tech gambits. Amit doesn’t show off his technical abilities, but he uses them to get an intended musical effects and enchant listeners with them. It’s very hard to classify Amit’s music unambiguously, since he is able to play polyphonic tracks, then turns to blues, shredding and even classic doom. Anyway, his calm guitar music reminds me of an Italian instrumentalist - Lelio Padovani and I recommend his fans to take a listen to Amit’s debut.

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