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01. Rob Johnson - Forcefield
02. Rob Johnson - Relay Torque
03. Rob Johnson - Guitarchitecture
04. Rob Johnson - Gravity Pulling Me

Taken from the compilation "Shredworx (2008)".

07. Steve Shannon - Burning Desire
08. Carlos A. Ferrari - Duel Between The Sheets

11. Mathias Holm - Flow Your Mind

12. Cyril Achard - Sweet And Furious

A French guitarist Cyril Achard has just released his next solo album "Violencia" (2010 Lion Music). It was recorded by the trio: Cyril Achard (guitars), Franck Hermanny (bass) and Eril Lebailly (drums). Both Franck and Eric are well-known instrumentals from a progressive metal band Adagio. They also appeared on Cyril Achard's Morbid Feeling's " inconstancia constans" (2001). Cyril is a very versatile musician. He played instrumental rock and jazz on his previous works, but, this time, he turned to instrumental metal with aggressively played parts. Lion Music promote this album as "a mixture of Steve Lukather and Metallica".

Radio Broadcast on Radio Aktywne.

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