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Ivan Mihaljevic is a graduate of Rock Academy in Zagreb, Croatia. He is mostly known for his cooperation with such bands like Hard Time and Forsaken and Dean Clea Brkic. His debut album was released in the year 2008 and recorded by three basic musicians: Ivan Mihaljevic (guitars, vocals, keys, percussion programming), Majkl Jagunic (bass guitar; Hard Time) and an American - Craig Devine (drums). Ivan invited three guests for recording: John Denner (guitar solo), Igor Tatarevic (harpsichord solo, keys) and Taher Sanuri (vocals).

I can enlist some of my favourite guitarists from the Balkans - Borislav Mitic, Bane Jelic, Emir Hot, Muris Varajic, Marko Pavic, Misa Micevski and Dario Plevnik, so I was very curious about the music of Ivan Mihaljevic. If you would like me to describe his debut with a few words, I would say that it is melodic instrumental guitar music with shredding elements, but it would be a generalization of the real contents. Apart from distinctive melodies, dynamic heavy riffs, characteristic warm guitar sound, spectacular solos and influences from the Balkan music, there are also a few vocal tracks like „Distant World“ (atmospheric down-tempo rock tune with powerful acceleration), „Questions In My Mind (Part II)“ (ballad with acoustic guitar parts), „Empathy“ (progmetal track), „Friend“ (another placid song) and „The Road To Nowhere“ (the most dynamic of vocal songs). But this is not all! „Hi-Tech Orient“ is composed of guitar and electronic elements like samples and beats, so it can be regarded as a very interesting combination. Antonio Vivaldi’s „Spring“ is distinguished by mighty sound as well as amusing and capricious mood. In „Macedonian War Song“, Ivan refers not only to the indigenous Balkan music, but also plays this instrumental in progressive metal convention.

Summing up, Ivan doesn’t create the music, he creates a kind of guitar art. In other words, he is not a great guitarist, but a great guitar artist! Ivan Mihaljevic is an extremely talented and creative musician who managed to equal other Balkan guitar masters in every aspect of musical art! An extraordinary debut!

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