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Dimitar Nalbantov comes from Asenovgrad that is located in Bulgaria. His debut album „Universe“ was a great artistic success and an instrumental guitar gem. We waited two years to get Dimitar’s second work for listening. Fortunately, this is still instrumental rock music with a great load of melody within. The only one difference is the fact that Dimitar decided to be a self-made instrumentalist and handled all guitars, basses, keyboards, percussion and drums programming. It doesn’t affect the quality of music, since it is still world class. Dimi’s guitar produces so clear melodies that they can be hum at some fragments. Moreover, there are plenty of guitar licks and atmospheric down-tempo moments. I do enjoy all these soothing tones, surprising sonic effects and catchy melodies. In my humble opinion, Dimi doesn’t play the guitar, he charms us with this instrument. As it is a kind of tribute to Mother Earth and Nature, Dimi’s music is very spatial and capacious in a sense. I think that guitar world music is a proper word to characterize his second album. Dimitar Nalbantov didn’t rest on his laurels after the debut and proved that he is a classy guitarist. He is one of the most outstanding guitarists of the young generation!

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