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It is the second opening of Shredguy Records’ guitar compilation with (again) fifteen shred compositions of guitarists coming from different countries. The first track - „Massacre in Bridgetown“ by The Tracy G Group is really striking. As its title indicates, it is a guitar massacre with bunch of cutting solos, couplings, distortions and odd effects. The group is led by an American guitarist - Tracy G of Goaded, Rags, Driven and Dio. His compatriot John Jaunese, in „Mindstorm“, delivers melodic shredding metal in the vein of Tony MacAlpine. Mike Abdow, well-known form the first volume of „Shredding Across The World“, plays „Truth and Consequence“ proving that heaviness can smoothly meets melodiousness. Janne Stark, a Swedish musician of Locomotive Breath, Overdrive, Balls and Constancia, in „True Temperament“, performs a subdued instrumental rock. An American guitarist - Toby Knapp of Onward, Spaced Out and Waxen, in „Flies“, brings an intense progressive guitar music with classic vocal parts, extreme fragments and melodic solos. It is taken from the CD „Misanthropy Divine“ (2008). A distinguishing vocal track is „Angel of Lies“ from the album „Invitation To Forever“ (2008). It is played by American melodic rock/metal band Takara with guitar parts by Neal Grusky. Michael Harris’ „Forewarning“, taken from the release „Ego Decimation Profile“ (1997), is a neoclassical solemn metal track. Mathias Holm is another Swedish guitarist of OSV Project, Mind Split and Francis Soto. His composition „Flow Your Mind“ blows us with precise unisonos, super-fast fingering and romantic retardations. The first American guitar duo on this compilation is Adrian English and Pete Pachio. They perform „Flight of the Blue Phoenix“ attacking us with heavy lead parts and melodic guitar duels. Their compatriot Darin J. Moore, in „Prognosis: Psychosis“, surprises us with the flamenco playing. Completely different atmosphere is brought by Gregg Livesay in his „Aphasia“ with very fast solos. An Australian guitarist Jeremy Barnes plays „Crematoria“ with low-tuned guitar and floods us with melodic and furious solos in the vein of Tom Hess. „Trippin“ by Rogosonic is a different-than-the-rest song. It is the hard rock track with guitar parts by Stephen Ross and Ron Cannella and husky voice by Dale Troth. Their American compatriot Tom Kopyto delivers us a proggy shredmetal with „Intoanother“. The last track „Orifice“ is played by the third Swede on the compilation - Jonas Kjellgren. He is known from extreme bands like Scar Symmetry, Centinex, Carnal Forge, World Below and Incapacity, all the more it is surprising that the closing instrumental can be described as an atmospheric down-tempo guitar music. Anyway, very nice tune crowning very shredding material.

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