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A very young guitar record label Shredguy Records made a reference to many great guitar compilations like „Centrifugal Funk“ or „Guitar on the Edge“ series and started releasing its own „Shredding Across The World“ series. The title says for itself, so even a music layman, taking a glance at the front cover, can guess at the idea behind this compilation. It’s all about guitar music... shred guitar music indeed.

There are fifteen guitar-oriented compositions which I am going to write about briefly. All starts with the epic introduction „Spirit of the Ocean“. It is played by a Swedish guitarist Anders Bosell who has a few solo albums on his account. „Great Voyage“ defines melodic shredding metal. It is very dynamic and has distinct melodic line. This composition is played by a Japanese axemaster Hitoshi Nakamura of Eternal Fantasy. „Instrubrutal“ delivers neoclassical guitar tornado triggering off vertigo. It is played by a Norwegian guitarist Tore Moren of Jorn Lande, Carnivora, Arcturus, Pain and Extol. „Black Inside“ is distinguished by industrial sound of the lead guitar juxtaposted with melodic lick. It is a style typical of an American guitar player Tom Kopyto. „Savage Garden“ is a shredding metal track with progression and keyboard solos. The composer of this composition is an American guitarist Michael Abdow (Frozen, Tempus Mori, Aquanett). His compatriot - Michael Harris of Thought Chamber, Arch Rival, Zanister, Leather and Surgeon - plays „Ideosymphony“ - an orchestral kind of shredding music with solemn atmosphere. „Col Gecesi“ is played by Eren Kömürlü. He is a Turk, so it is not strange that his track can be described as shredmetal with keyboard background and influences from the Middle Eastern music. A German guitarist Oliver Eckelt of Goregate plays „Ghost Of Our Time“ with a great dose of tapping and heavy riffs. His compatriot - an 8-string guitarist Marian Gradinarski of Defect Noises - in „Alone" offers us experimental and avantgarde guitar madness. Darin J. Moore of Human Paradox and Sacred Society is an American axeman well-known for his intense guitar playing and it is clearly audible in „Battlecry/The Reckoning“. An American - Julian Petrov of Chiba Ken delivers us with „Concequentialism“ - one of very few calm tracks. Another American - Steve Shannon delivers chamber atmosphere and lofty neoclassical guitar playing with „Burning Desire“. An Argentinian - Carlos A. Ferrari wrote „Duel Between The Sheets“ - another muffling track with saxophone parts in the guitar style similar to Tom Hess' playing. A classic instrumental rock is presented in „Carpe Diem“ by an American shredder - Steve Burrows (Jeff Scott Soto). The closing composition - „Atom Burst“ by Rob Johnson of Magnitude 9 and Saddleback Shark - is nothing, but atomic shredding extravaganza! I hope that no additional recommendation is essential, since you do know which way wind is blowing!

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