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ParakeeA parakeet as a pet can be a rewarding experience. If you are planning on buying a parakeet, you need to first learn about these pretty little birds. For example, did you know that what we call the parakeet in the USA is actually called a budgerigar in its homeland Australia? Parakeets are fun pets to have and reasonably easy to train. They are small but intelligent bird, most bestowed with the ability to imitate human speech. In fact, ancient lore has it that in Australia, the screeching of parakeets would often be mistaken for a human cry for help and on more than one occasion search parties went in hunt for the ailing person, only to find nothing. Parakeets are among the top varieties of parrots that can mimic human speech. The Guinness World Book of Records writes of a parakeet called Puck who knew 1,728 different words. A Canadian owner called Ryan Reynolds boasted that his parakeet Victor could even predict the future. Many stories and jokes are told of parakeets who mimic their owners at home and unwittingly disclose family secrets – so be careful what you say around your pet! A funny anecdote is told about a parakeet that used to scare away burglars by barking like a dog. In order to make sure that your parakeet is happy, you need to house him well. While a well trained parakeet can be left to ramble around the house, a cage is always a good idea to keep him safe from predators, especially if you have multiple pets at home. A parakeet cage also gives your parakeet a place of rest to sleep and eat. It also ensures that your pet does not mess up your house with poop. Choose a parakeet cage that is spacious and gives your parakeet enough room to move around and flap its wings comfortably. The cage should be strong and well made. Make sure that there are no pointy edges that can hurt your parakeet. You can even include little articles of entertainment like a perch on which your parakeet can swing. Buy a separate bowl for food and water and make sure that you change it regularly. Also remember to clean the parakeet’s cage regularly as a clean environment is vital for a healthy pet.

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