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bird cageDecorative bird cages are not only worthwhile home investments, but they are extraordinary decorations also. The Victorian age of Europe saw the onset of the decorative bird cage. People used them as the central accent to a home or an artful interpretation of man for an entire village to come and see. Often, people would use bird cages for something as simple as space filler or a conversations starter. Other times people used decorative bird cages as ornaments that would be pieced around the home with a carefree attention to number. A garden was seen as less verdant or incomplete, without a decorative bird cages. While some people today use decorative bird cages for a more utilitarian purpose of releasing doves at a wedding. Other traditionalists tend to decorate their bird cages with faux birds. These people tend to be those who find a great deal of joy in collecting and preserving the most important bird cages they can find. The design of a decorative bird cage is as varied as the people of the world. The Asian, or Oriental, style of cages utilizes bamboo, giving it a more agrarian feel for those who wish to feel connected to nature. The pagoda style of these cages often gives these cages that feeling. Yet, they also have a cylindrical design that reflects the cultures which contributed to it perfectly. While the Victorian style tends to focus on scrollwork and whimsical décor, each culture has a different way to build a decorative bird cage. Some use materials like wood and acrylics to give a decorative cage their desired effect; whereas others tend to use such things as iron and brass to give a sturdier or substantive effect. The wood cages are often plagued by fire as well as rot, so usually they are less likely to be found by collectors. Whereas, the iron or brass cages have the ability to rust, thus compromising our ability to study them as well. The one thing people have learned in all of the different designs is that people have and always will design-as well as-seek out bird cages for their homes.


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