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Among all species of birds that are domesticated Cockatiels are some of the most recommended to have as a house pet. This is why it is important that cockatiel cages are selected carefully in order to ensure their longevity.
There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right cockatiel cages. First of all is the size of the cage. Cockatiels are the kind of birds that love to spread their wings wide, which is why it is best that one would select large bird cages so that there is room. Selecting small bird cages will just give them absolute difficulty and discomfort.
The shape of the cage is also important for cockatiels. Just like parakeet cages, it is advised that a square-shaped cage is chosen. Physically, it gives more room for the bird to go around unlike round cages that contours to the top. The contour of the round cages takes away a space which the square-shaped cage does not.
Another thing to consider is the bars of the cage. As many would notice, birds like to climb on the sides of the cage and having vertical bars would give them difficulty to this. It is always best for cockatiel owners to choose cages with horizontal bars. Vertical bar cages are only supposed to be for smaller birds that do not really have a habit of climbing the sides like canaries or love birds.
Upon deciding on buying a pet bird, there is also a matter of what a specific bird has accustomed itself to. For instance, there are two kinds of birds when it comes to their social aspects. Some are born in the wild which means that they were able to experience the company of other birds and are used to it. Others are bred in captivity where, inversely, they are used to being alone. A bird that was born in a wild is not advised to be bought by itself alone. Considering that this specific bird was a former part of a flock its chances for survival are a bit lower if bought alone compared to those who were not born in the wild and did not have a chance to fly within a flock.
This means that having to buy more birds instead of one means that you should have really large bird cages in order to have them live their lives to the extent. Cockatiels for instance live to over a hundred years so give them more room in order to reach this age.

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