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decorative cages Some decorative bird cages are fine to use as a home for a bird. Before deciding how your bird cage will be used, you must consider the size of, shape of, and the materials used to make the cage, as well as what was used to coat or paint the cage. Decorative birdcages can be manufactured out of several different materials, including metal, acrylic, stainless steel, iron or even a bamboo. There are many factors that affect how you should use a bird cage to decorate, and if it is safe for a bird. Antique decorative cages can be representative of different regions of the world; Tuscan, Arabian and Oriental cages all have distinctive looks, just to name a few. Victorian cages, which a quite popular, often have marble tops or gold trims.

 Many different styles can be found in pet stores, department stores, or in some retail stores. Although antique bird cages are very nice to look at, they should never be used as a home for a bird, as they can be very dangerous. Most antique cages were treated with paints or finishes that may contain toxic chemicals. Lead and zinc, for example, are commonly found in antique cage finishes. Lead was also commonly used to make the seed guard mesh of antique cages. The zinc can cause life threatening anemia, and the lead can cause devastating neurological damage to a bird. Since birds like to nibble and chew, it is guaranteed that a bird would ingest some of these toxic chemicals. No amount of scraping, paint removal, nor sanding will make such a cage safe. In addition to the toxic chemicals, most antique cages do not provide enough room for a bird. All birds need enough room to stretch their wings and do a little walking for exercise, and it is important to remember that the cage supplies will take up some of the room.

 If you decide to use a bird cage as decoration rather than to house a bird, there are many different ways a decorative bird cage can be used. You can fill a cage with vines, flowers, or any type of plant that can fit inside – just be sure to line the cage if it contains toxic chemicals, so that your plant isn’t harmed. You can use a decorative bird cage as a centerpiece, or put it on a cage stand. You can even cut a cage in half and fill both sides with plants or nicknacks, then hang them for a dramatic effect. Use a Victorian cage to dress up your Victorian-style room, or an Oriental cage in a room with an Oriental motif. Or, if you choose a cage that is safe for birds, it can be both decoration and your bird’s home. Just be imaginative with your decorative bird cages!

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