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Antique Bird Cages
July 20th, 2011

small bird cage

Some of the decorative bird cages are fine to use as a home for your bird but some of them, depending on the size and the materials the cage is designed out of is some of the determining factors of how it can be used. Although the antique bird cages are very nice to look at they should never be used as a home for the bird. One of the factors in both types of cages will be what the cage is coated or painted with. The use of a bird cage as a type of decoration can be applied in several different ways. The use of vines or flowers in the cage as a wall hanging or a centerpiece is a very nice way of displaying the cage. Even taking one cage and cutting it into, filling and hanging both side gives a dramatic effect. While the use as a centerpiece or a plant holder is very nice too. The cages can be manufactured out of several different materials, the most common being metal, acrylic, stainless steel, iron or even a bamboo bird cage. Just be imaginative as you use the cages.

  The cages can even be representative of different regions of the world. The Tuscan, the Arabian and the Oriental just to name a few. There are also architectural designs such as the domes and arches. Some of the Victorian cages are popular with either the marble tops or gold trims. Some of these different styles and designs can be found in some of the pet stores, department stores or in some of the retail stores. These cages will have a wide range of prices, depending on the style, design and what the cage is manufactured out of. Also just the bird cage supplies will take up some of the room. But used as a centerpiece or on a bird cage stand, these cages do look great.

  The antique bird cages are very dangerous of your live bird. Most of these were treated with different paints or finishes that have toxic chemicals in them. Lead and zinc are the most common that chemicals that will be found. There is no amount of scraping, paint removal or sanding that can make the cage safe for your bird. Most birds love to nibble and chew, so do not put them in this type environment. Another danger to the antique bird cage is the seed guard mesh. Most of these were crafted out of lead. The zinc can cause life threatening anemia and the lead will cause devastating neurological damage to the bird. Another common problem to both of these cages is the lack of room inside the cages. A bird needs room to stretch out their wings and do a little walking for some exercise.

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