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After 32 days of incubation the first of this year’s chicks pipped (cracked the egg) on Sunday, following another 2 days of rest the three finally hatched this morning to join the NBC falconry family.

The gyr /lanner falcon is not only a fantastic looking falcon but with the hybridisation of the two species we get the amiable temperament of a lanner falcon with the power and presence of the Gyr falcon.

These abilities make the falcons ideal as working colleagues, providing a deterrent for nuisance birds such as gulls and corvids. The chicks will grow quickly and will be ready for training at 9 weeks of age. Andy Hulme, NBC’s Head Falconer commented “I am delighted that we have hatched our first chicks at in our new breeding facility. This is a fantastic start to this year’s breeding programme, with more eggs due to hatch in the near future!”Gyr Lanner Juvinille Falcon

We’ll keep you updated on the chicks progress via our social media channels and look forward to sharing more news with you!

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