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We hosted an open day with Weymouth Borough Council on the 16th April 2016.

Our teams provide a falconry response at the Harbour offering a programme to deter nuisance gulls from the harbour areas. The event was designed to demonstrate how birds of prey can be used as an effective gull deterrent.

A frequent tourist attraction The gulls have been a historic nuisance to visitors and local businesses at this popular tourist destination.

Darren Bishop stated “This event is the first time we have showcased our service but, our aim is to provide an understanding in it will help people understand what we are trying to achieve and how they can help. We work with many councils throughout the UK providing gull control programmes, and helping raise awareness of the gull problem and how it can be tackled effectively together”.

The birds of prey that we use provide a potential threat to the nuisance gulls in the area, their regular presence will deter them away so people can enjoy the Harbour in peace.

It’s not just a case of our services doing the job, it has to be a community effort. We encourage people not to litter and businesses to secure refuse. This will reduce the attractiveness of the area to the gulls further and will discourage the gulls as potential food sources are minimised.

Have a gull problem? Learn more about nesting gulls or let us know.

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