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Today, Business In The Community are celebrating the second anniversary of their Ban the Box campaign, which launched in October 2013 to create fair employment opportunities for ex-offenders.

NBC is one of the many businesses that have signed up to the campaign during this time. So far, a total of 50 employers with a combined workforce of nearly 400,000 have publicly committed to ban the box and assess candidates’ skills first, before asking about convictions later in the process.

In January 2014, NBC Bird & Pest Solutions removed the criminal-record disclosure box from its job application forms. John Dickson, Managing Director of NBC says “NBC decided to ban the box for several reasons, we didn’t feel the question was relevant to our decision making process when looking for a new team member. We assess them on many criteria with a focus on their ability now and so long as we felt that there was nothing that would prevent them from meeting our expectations as an employer now, their past had little or no relevance.”

For many people with criminal convictions, applying for a job can be a daunting process. New research published today suggests that, despite having the qualifications and experience to work, people with convictions are unlikely to apply for jobs with a tick box on the application form, many for fear of rejection.



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