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NBC’s teams have been using laser technology as a deterrent to prevent roosting gulls. Laser technology is used for many applications but is relatively new to bird control. Birds perceive the laser beam as an approaching danger and move from the area.

Flexible deployment

Available as mobileunits or fixed installations, lasers can be used with fixed laser system using motion sensors to activate the lasers. Fixed lasers are especially useful on roofing to deter nuisance birds (gulls in particular), and has proven successful in preventing bird problems. As computerized systems they are automated and programmable to adapt too changing light conditions, times and bird species.

Mobile-Laser-Bird-DeterrentUse of such a system is primarily for wide open areas at dusk when birds are looking to roost. Laser systems have been used most commonly at reservoirs and airports to deter all types of nuisance birds.

Are Lasers Safe?

The misconception with lasers is that they need to pass over the birds but it is the movement of the laser that is the deterrent.  The health and safety of the birds is not affected and when used in an urban environment the the deployment is according to H&S guidelines to protect public health.

You can talk to our team for advice on bird control or for more information on lasers by calling 0800 169 9646.

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